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Agreed, who doesn't like

Comments - Mon, 10/11/2010 - 08:54

In reply to 2010 K9IU Callout:

Agreed, who doesn't like Cookies? :)

Corey, I like a lot of your suggestions, and I plan to bring them up at our next Meeting on Sunday.

I think, though, if we could implement two of them right away for this week's Comm. Workshop/Tech Talk, it would be great:
"We would need to have general information about amateur radio and the exam available to hand out and take home. Does the ARRL provide material like this?" && "Retention: we need a clipboard sheet that people can "sign up" for further information. If they want to join on the spot we should make that possible too, but focus on following-up with the list of people to complete their membership later. Maybe have some kind of form for people who would be interested in a class to get their license (or a ham cram day)."

Anthony KB9WRA

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That's cool.. The trick is

Comments - Wed, 09/22/2010 - 07:41

In reply to 2010 K9IU Callout:

That's cool.. The trick is that you need to advertise broadly to start that momentum up.. Is there enough time to get the word out before Sunday/Wednesday?? When you advertise the call out meeting, what will be the incentive that gets people to show up (especially unlicensed potentials)?

-Corey KB9JHU

We were planning on getting

Comments - Tue, 09/21/2010 - 00:44

In reply to 2010 K9IU Callout:

We were planning on getting together some time this week to talk about ideas.

We were thinking we could have another meeting this coming Sunday, maybe a sort of call-out meeting? And then A.J.'s tech talk (on building an APRS beacon, and maybe more general info on APRS?) will the following Wednesday.

A little bit of momentum at the beginning might get people more interested?

2010 K9IU Callout

K9IU Forum new post - Mon, 09/20/2010 - 13:30

We need to do some recruiting.. Licensed people and unlicensed alike.

I'm going to throw out some ideas.. I don't expect all of them to stick (nor do I think they are all "good" ideas - just throwing stuff out to start a conversation). Whatever we do, we should do it quickly and soon while the beginning of the school year is still here and produce some traction before people get busy with finals and projects.

Here it goes:

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