Welcome to K9IU

Welcome to K9IU, the Indiana University amateur radio club. We invite everyone to participate in the club activities. If you are not a licensed amateur radio operator, we are more than happy to introduce you to this wonderful hobby and help you become a licensed operator. K9IU has a room full of radio resources at the Indiana Memorial Union that are available for members to use at any time. There are many club activities that members and non-members alike can participate in as well. Take a look through this site for more information, and keep an eye on our news section for updates on upcoming events.

We have RSS feeds available of the front page news and of all site content (which includes the news).

73 de K9IU


Monthly Meeting.

Monthly Meeting

Monthly Meeting.

Our June Monthly Meeting

Monthly Meeting

Monthly Meeting for May for all who are around.

K9IU Monthly Meeting

ARRL International DX Contest - Voice

The ARRL International DX Contest - Voice. The Big contest for us this spring! Come and make contacts world-wide this weekend and see how far we can reach with our radios and antennas; the results are always amazing! Non-licensed folks are welcome and encouraged to attend (and even operate)!

ARRL School Club Roundup

The ARRL Feb. School Club Roundup Contest. More information coming soon!

Monthly Meeting

Monthly Meeting for February

Monthly Meeting

Monthly Meeting, rescheduled as to not conflict with POCAR support.

K9IU Club meeting

A Separate meeting in November. This is our regularly scheduled meeting time.

K9IU Club Meeting

The K9IU Club meeting, in the Fletchall Room of the IMU. This is an additional meeting for the Month of November sicne many students will be gone for our normal meeting which is 21 NOV, for Thanksgiving.

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