Upcoming contests for 2008

Here are some of the upcoming contests that may be of interest to operate from K9IU. If there are any others please add them to this thread. Personally I'll look for any excuse to run a contest from the shack, but without interest from others I'd probably just run the contests from home. Below are some that I think will be relevant or large enough but the list might not be limited to those below.

1800Z, Aug 16 to 0600Z, Aug 17 North American QSO Party (SSB).. good opportunity to work on WAS award.

October 20-24, 2008 - School club roundup (week-long contest, not many universities participate)

0000Z, Oct 25 to 2400Z, Oct 26 - CQ WorldWide DX contest (SSB)

2100Z, Nov 1 to 0300Z, Nov 3 - ARRL CW Sweepstakes (some of us have talked about working on our CW to be able to do this contest from the shack)

2100Z, Nov 15 to 0300Z, Nov 17 - ARRL SSB Sweepstakes

Any of you interested in any of these? We can do some preliminary planning in this thread. If you have interest in others please note them as well.


SCR is a good one, also if

SCR is a good one, also if we can do better with Sweepstakes, the scores can be submitted to Collegiate championships. This is a great way to get the club noticed by other schools. This would take a really dedicated effort to get the numbers up to be able to compete with the CA schools. It may be a time to look into maybe using the amp that is in the shack. Doing well in contests is a great way do gain press as well as support from the school. When I was at Rose-Hulman, the school sent out a press release for us and we ended up in a short clip on the local news.


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I'm going to be at a

I'm going to be at a conference in Texas during the ARRL SSB sweeps.. Very bummed about that.

So, on the SCR note, what should we plan for that? ad-hoc, come whenever or open the shack during specific times when people can come in and operate under general/extra privs depending on who is there?

-Corey KB9JHU

We always do the School Club

We always do the School Club Round Up, even when its just me in the shack. I'll plan on every day around 5:30pm, 6pm to about 8 or 9pm in the shack every day.

For the ARRL International DX Contest and the ARRL SSB sweeps we should probably try and get BARC guys involved too.


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Ok, well, merging this with

Ok, well, merging this with the idea of moving the meeting time.. Do we want to concentrate the October meeting on the school club roundup? Get everyone together and make a meeting out of making contacts that wed. evening?

Kindof an intro to contesting for anyone new as well..

Just makes sense if our first "new meeting time" will fall around the time of SCR that we make it be about SCR.

-Corey KB9JHU

Ya.. I like that idea. The

Ya.. I like that idea. The SCR is soething we can invite the UITS hams to come and participate in as well. The SCR is Oct 20-24th, so looking at the Calendar and the people who have voted, it looks like Oct. 1,8,15 are the possible dates. Nothing says that we can't do this as a bi-monthly thing. A few thoughts though. Where to do the meeting? Since we are thinking 6pm, maybe we should figure out some way to get some food too. We need a room with a projector as well. Any ideas?


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