Hilly Hundred analysis

(background) We're analyzing the packets that were picked up from the trackers we had out at the Hilly Hundred last weekend, trying to get a good idea of coverage and "dead spots" for future events. There will be an obvious difference between the portable 5w trackers and the full-power mobiles. This is where the conversation picks up. (/background)

(email from Dick, KC9JLU)

I'd like to plot all the SAG aprs packets from the Hilly for low-power trackers
(5 W) to look for coverage holes. Looking at packet information in xastir, only
SAGB (KB9UVW) and SAGM (N9FEB) show up a having Kenwood D700's. I assume that
they were operating at more than 5W. I guess that SAGK (KB9LGS) also worked
more than 5 Watts. But, I'm unsure of the others, which virtually all show 9W in
their xastir output but cannot all be 9W. Do you know which SAGS sere
definitely operating at 5 W?



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Here are the HH calls we

Here are the HH calls we picked up at k9iu-12, their destination targets, callsign in comments (who the tracker was assigned to), and what I can find them to originate from based on target

I can't remember who all got an HT so there are quite a few ?s left.. but I think that most of the opentrackers and tinytracks were HTs (AJ's mobile is one exception)

HHCOMC-9, micE, KC9IRG, kenwood dm700?
HHNCS-7, APU25N, K9SQL, uiview (was NCS, high power unit)
HHRS2-7, APX184, KC9EVU, xastir (was a rest stop, high power unit)
HHRS5-7, APX190, KB9JHU, xastir (was a rest stop, high power unit)
HHSAGA-9, APOT2A, KC9EVU, opentracker2 w/ alinco mobile
HHSAGB-9, micE, KB9UVW, kenwood dm700
HHSAGC-9, APOT2A, W9RXR, opentracker2 w/ ?
HHSAGD-9, APOT2A, KW9B, opentracker2 w/ ?
HHSAGE-9, APOTC1, KD8ENS, opentracker1 w/ HT
HHSAGG-9, APOTC0, N9PTG, opentracker1 w/ HT
HHSAGH-9, APT311, K9SQL, tinytrack3 w/ ?
HHSAGI-9, APT311, KC9DRA, tinytrack3 w/ ?
HHSAGK-9, APOT2A, KB9LGS, opentracker2 w/ ?
HHSAGL-9, APOTC0, unidentified, opentracker1 w/ ?
HHSAGM-9, micE, N9FEB, kenwood dm700??
HHTRUC-9, APT3A1, KB9LGS, tinytrack3 w/ HT

-Corey KB9JHU

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Here is what I can add to

Here is what I can add to Corey's post:
HHSAGC-9 was T2-135 w/ Alinco DR-135 power setting ?
HHSAGK-9 was T2-135 w/ Alinco DR-135 power setting ?
HHSAGL-9 was Optracker1+ w/HT on Sat, TinyTrak 4 w/ HT on Sunday
HHSAGG- was K9FK TH-D7 on Sat, N9PTG Opentracker1+ w/HT on Sunday
HHSAGH-9 was N9WXJ D710 on Sat, KB9LGS TinyTrack3 w/ HT on Sunday
HHSAGM-9 was N9FEB w/ D700 power ?
HHSAGD-9 was KW9B OT2 (KC9EVU) w/ HT
HHNCS-7 was running UI-View32 (no digi) w/ PK-12 TNC and FT-817 (5 watts)
Bob Poortinga K9SQL

hillyhundred-allsags.kml Than


Thanks Bob and Corey, I'll get to work on a HT kml file.

What I have so far is a kml file that contains all sags for both days. It is made from the TNC log that Corey took from the K9IU digi, so it's contains packets that made it to the IMU. The url is


I'll post the scripts that I used to construct the file when it's possible to upload files to this forum. Briefly, to get xastir to output a kml file that contains points rather than tracks I had to relabel each packet with a unique call sign. The first script does that and writes out a hash that maps unique call signs to the original call signs. To return real call signs to the kml output, I have a second script that reads the hash and restores original calls to the kml.


hillyhundred-HTsags.kml Below


Below is a link for a kml file that contains HT's that Corey and Bob identified above. Calls include:




Hey Dick Would you like to

Hey Dick

Would you like to do a little presentation on this for one of our Wednesday after work technical presentation/discussion days? I'm betting we would get some interested people to show up. Let me know


Hi AJ, Sure. Dick

Hi AJ,



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Did this happen? If not,

Did this happen? If not, I'd second the idea for a time when I can make it..


-Corey KB9JHU

Last night we presented a

Last night we presented a talk at K9IU on APRS coverage at the 2008 Hilly Hundred. Slides from the talk are attached. Kml files from the talk will follow, probably tonight.


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hrmm.. not sure why they

hrmm.. not sure why they didn't show up attached. grrr..

-Corey KB9JHU

OK, the slides and kml files

OK, the slides and kml files are up!

Slides: http://www.indiana.edu/~k9iu/files/HillyAPRS2008-K9IU.pdf

kml files: http://www.indiana.edu/~k9iu/files/HillyAPRS2008-kml.zip

Now, if I can just figure out how to create a news item on the front page, I'll be set.


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