That link showed up on the Xastir mailing list last week. It looks pretty neat, and I think that I've decided on the application that I'd like to see and use. Don't know whether I have the gumption to write it.

I'd like to be able to input a GPS route (.gpx file) and receive back a GPS waypoints file (.gpx) that contains voice repeaters, Linux RMS gateways, and digipeaters that are within a configurable given distance of the route.


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Hrmm.. wonder if we could

Hrmm.. wonder if we could come up with a Drupal module to query the closest stations within XX miles of a given point (IUB). Would be a cool sidebar.

-Corey KB9JHU

I'll say, Hrmm, I have to

I'll say, Hrmm, I have to figure out what Drupal is! Or, stop by my cube.


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