K9IU Logging program

We have decided to create our own web based logging program. Probably written with perl cgi webservices, and javascript frontend... consider using YUI or GWT to write the frontend.

Jonathan and myself are on-board with doing this, we should schedule a meeting to develop a requirements/features document for what we want so that we can work simultaneously on different parts of the code to get it done faster.

A.J. Will setup a dev host for us to work on.

If you are interested in this project please post your interest in this forum so that we can schedule a time.

Oh I should mention the plan

Oh I should mention the plan for this is to be released as an open source logging program (probably on source forge).

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You should look into doing

You should look into doing this as a Drupal module.. Drupal already has all of the accounting, db backend, and such setup for you. Should be quite simple.

-Corey KB9JHU

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The more I think about this,

The more I think about this, the cooler it would be (in my mind) as a Drupal module. That way you could handle both club logging and logging for personal use as well (personally I get annoyed at logging software because I am not always booted into the OS that it is residing in, etc..). Keep the club logging central and accessible from anywhere.

Exports for LOTW should not be too hard either.

Of course, I say this with no time to personally invest into such a beast.. but I can always dream.

-Corey KB9JHU

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