High Altitude Ballooning with Amateur Radio Presentation!!

Corey Shields will be presenting High Altitude Ballooning with Amateur Radio at 6pm on Wed, February 4th in the poplar room.

High Altitude Ballooning with Amateur Radio

This presentation will talk about the hobby of high altitude
ballooning - sending unmanned balloons to the edge of space at an
altitude 100,000 feet. Amateur radio is used to track the flight of
these balloons and locate them for retrieval. In addition, many
amateur radio experiments are flown on these balloons including
broadcast TV from the flight, sending a voice repeater to high
altitude, and others.

In the presentation, Corey Shields (KB9JHU) will present on his
experience of flying and retrieving high altitude balloons in Oregon.
He will discuss how the balloons are flown, tracked, and retrieved
using Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS), a 1200 baud data
protocol used in amateur radio frequencies for the purpose of
communicating short data streams and distributing real time
situational data (such as the GPS location of a balloon). Join us to
see the flight paths of these balloon flights along with pictures of
the events themselves.

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