Spring 09 School Club Roundup thread

Starting a thread for any discussion and planning around this spring's school club roundup (which is this week!). I hope to be in the shack for a couple of days if someone would like to join me and operate a bit. Or, if you plan on operating some other within your licensed privileges please post here as well so that someone else with less privileges may join you.

-Corey KB9JHU

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Right now I am planning on

Right now I am planning on being in the shack Wednesday (2/11) for lunch time to make some quick SCR contacts.

I will also be there all day (at least 8-5) on Thursday, 2/12 for the K9L special event station. I hope to run the School Club Roundup during this time as well.

Feel free to join me during these time slots and I'll show you the ropes if you've never done SCR before.

-Corey KB9JHU

I'll probably stop by

I'll probably stop by Thursday afternoon after class—around 4. I wouldn't mind working SCR.


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