APRS messaging (IGATE -> RF) now fixed!

Since we moved the K9IU-12 (INDUNV) APRS digipeater and igate out to the IMU, text messaging that used the internet as a middle man (APRS-IS) has been broken. Well, I'm happy to say that this is now fixed! IGate'd text messaging should flow fine to and from the K9IU digipeater and igate sitting on top of the IMU. This also includes messaging that originates from APRS clients and websites like openaprs.net

Thanks to Dwight (WB9TLH) for the help and prodding needed to get this fixed, it has been a long battle. We have confirmed that it works using a couple of web clients and will continue to look for any further breakage.

-Corey (KB9JHU)

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