2m SSB net

I caught word during last night's simplex net that there is a new 2m SSB net starting up around here. Technically it is starting down near the river in southern Indiana but supposedly contacts have been made all the way up to Michigan city. If someone were to try this net out on the beam from the shack I'm sure you would get in easily, pointing the beam straight south.

The details are (going by memory here) every Thursday night at 19:00 local, 144.250 USB.

We have a couple of 2m SSB capable radios in the shack. The Kenwood TR-751 will do USB on 2m, as will the Icom IC-746.

If I happen to think of it and I'm free during the time, I'll try to listen and/or check in, but doubt I will ever make it in to the shack for one of these. If you do and have any luck, post so below.

-Corey KB9JHU

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Corey, the frequency is

Corey, the frequency is 144.205 MHz.

73 de
Bob Poortinga K9SQL

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