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(apologies for any uitshams that have already seen this)

Is anyone in the market for an inexpensive dual band antenna for home? Arrow Antennas makes a solid aluminum dual band j-pole antenna that is the most rated vhf/uhf antenna on and gets a 4.8/5 (thanks to Anurag's site for pointing this out). The review page itself can be found on eham's site. They offer a discount on a sale of 10 so I figure I'd ask with all of the new hams we have around and those who need home antennas. I already have some interest from the uitshams group so thought I'd post here as well.

Their website is a bit clunky so while I can provide a link for the antenna itself, their main site includes a frame menu that you don't get by going to the product page directly.

The discounted price is $33 with shipping included (versus $39 + $15 shipping individually). You can build j-pole antennas much cheaper with feed line but I'm looking for something solid enough to drive with some power, and this caught my eye because of its price. If anyone else is interested speak up, and if there are enough people interested from both groups then we can place an order.

(likewise, if anyone has a horror story to tell with this antenna, do tell.. I've heard from one local already who has one and likes it)

I think I can justify that

I think I can justify that price even while I still don't have a radio or any money. Count me in.

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Ok, I've placed the order

Ok, I've placed the order and UPS says they will be delivered on Tuesday the 24th. If all goes well I might be able to accommodate some pickups then, but the day after is my wife's birthday and then we are off to Florida until April 1st. So I'll try to make arrangements where I can but if something should happen or delays in shipping, I might not be able to deliver before April 1st.

There are still a couple left unclaimed so if you are still interested and have not told me, go ahead and speak up now while they are available.

-Corey KB9JHU

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