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So there has been talk for quite some time about selling the amplifier and possibly other things in the shack, and there has also been talk of things we could need or use in the club. I'm starting this thread to collect ideas, thoughts, etc.. so we can actually do something about this. (for reference, the amplifier ebays around $1,150 and up)

For starters, the idea of an antenna analyzer has been brought up and would be nice to have for the shack and for club members to use. On the high end, MFJ's 269 model will work all HF-VHF-UHF for $389.

Another idea has been a small(er) HF amplifier with a smaller input power/amperage requirement, allowing us to actually make use of it during contests, SCR, etc. This is debated and I imagine that those of us who would like it would need to really justify the need.

John mentioned guy wire for the antenna once?? I imagine the need for that will come long before the amp is sold but the funds for that gear could be reimbursed to the budget per se. Any idea of cost here? Also there was talk of additional hamstick radials at one time, do we want to throw that on the list?

Comment, please.. Any other wishes?

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I'll also quickly touch the

I'll also quickly touch the computer rig control topic.. I ordered a CAT cable for the IC-746 this week (kudos to Bob for pointing one out that was 1/6 the cost of any other I had previously seen) and the Kenwood was hooked up last summer.. So, once this ships we should have both rigs hooked up for PC control from within Ham Radio Deluxe (or N1MM during contests). That's been on my personal 'wish list' for a long time and will be marked off.

-Corey KB9JHU

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