Spring 09 ARRL DX SSB thread

ARRL DX SSB International contest is a week from today, and will run Friday, March 6th, 19:00 through Sunday, March 8th, 18:00 all day and night. Let's use this thread to coordinate when someone from K9IU will be available in the shack to open it up for K9SOU and Bloomington ARC members. (keeping in mind that a club member needs to be present in the shack but with that dependency met a non-K9IU member with a higher license could act as control op) If we can hammer out some decent coverage before Monday we can announce the operating schedule on the monday night 2m ARES net.

Please familiarize yourself with the contest rules here: http://www.arrl.org/contests/rules/2009/intldx.html We will most likely file under Low Power (100w), Multioperator (two transmitter) category.

And if you are new to contesting there is an old but good 'contest primer' here: http://home.comcast.net/~k4nau/contest-handout.pdf

This contest is a little unique in that many of the DX stations will be running in "split mode". This means they will be transmitting on one frequency and listening on a different frequency, usually to get around the differences in international band privileges (for instance, I can transmit on freq. A, where the DX can not, but he can transmit on freq B where I can not, so he will transmit on B, I can hear him on B, and I just have to set the transmitter to "split" mode and transmit on frequency A where he is listening). I'll try to get some easy split instructions for both of our radios posted before the contest. In addition we should probably post some instructions on logging and changing operators within the logging software.

Our exchange will be a signal report (ie. '59', or '57') and state (Indiana). In return we expect to log a signal report and power rating (ie. '1000') from the DX station. Contacts within the US and Canada do not count.

FYI, Last year's score looks like such: 208 QSO, 618 pts x 89 cty = 55,002 points

So, if you are planning on being in the shack sometime, even if tentatively, post below!

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I plan on being in the shack

I plan on being in the shack on Friday night after the BARC meeting until about 1:00 or 2:00 am. I will also probably be there Saturday afternoon and evening and Sunday afternoon. We should try to get someone to come in early on both Saturday and Sunday to get on 20m as soon as the band opens ( has been around
7:00am) and maybe get catch some JAs on 40m and 80m.

BTW, Corey, signal reports in contests are always '59' ;-)

73 de
Bob Poortinga K9SQL

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YOUR signal report might

YOUR signal report might always be 59, I don't always get so lucky. ;)

I'll see about starting out early on Saturday.. I think that Sunday will be out of the question for me. Will update when I know for sure..

-Corey KB9JHU

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Alright, I'll probably skip

Alright, I'll probably skip out on Friday night's start of the contest to get some sleep and pick up Saturday early morning (try to be in the shack when 20m opens up). I'll plan on being there most of the daytime.. So I'll commit to something like 0700 - 1600 local.

-Corey KB9JHU

I'm planning on being at the

I'm planning on being at the shack from 800-1300 on Saturday. I'll see about bringing coffee or something.

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On the food note, AJ has

On the food note, AJ has talked about getting pizza for lunch and/or dinner on Saturday depending on the turnout.. But, he's also buying a house tomorrow so he might be a little tied up.

At any rate, we'll have a full food court and starbucks available to us downstairs. There is a small dorm fridge in the shack if you want to stash a beverage for later.

-Corey KB9JHU

I'm thinking of stopping by

I'm thinking of stopping by around lunch time on Saturday. I have to be on campus for something at around 10 anyway—so when I show up depends on how late that runs.


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Anyone planning on operating

Anyone planning on operating on Sunday yet?

-Corey KB9JHU

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FYI, here is the propagation

FYI, here is the propagation forecast for the contest:


Not the best but that is to be expected in the solar minimum.. We'll have plenty of contacts regardless.

-Corey KB9JHU

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Contest results:
327 QSOs
978 points
146 multipliers
Total score: 142,788

QSOs by Operator:
K9SQL 143
K7LU 89

Bob Poortinga K9SQL

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Thanks Bob! did you return

Thanks Bob! did you return to operate on Sunday then? And are you going to be submitting the log for us? If you have the log on you, email it to me and I'll get us updated with LOTW.

The things I picked up in this contest:

- Catching the band opening in the morning was awesome.. right around 6:00 AM, 20m and 15m opened right up, and the only limiting factor to making contacts was how quickly I could do it. There weren't many pileups at this time of morning either. Well worth waking up for!

- Bob's idea of trying for Japanese stations during the evening grayline pass was a good plan.. During this time, the south and central american stations were popular and had massive pileups, while every JA station we worked was sitting there calling CQ to no avail.

- I'm now sold on the thought that we need to make feedline replacement a priority for the shack. It'll cost a bit of money but it needs to be done.

Thanks to everyone who showed up!

-Corey KB9JHU

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I was at the shack Sunday

I was at the shack Sunday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm and from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm. At first, I was having trouble making contacts. I could hear stations but they couldn't hear me. I finally realized that I had the wrong antenna hooked up! I made six HF DX contacts on the 2m vertical! Once I got the beam hooked up, things went well. I could usually make most contacts after 1 or 2 calls.

My last contact was JA2BHN at 23:59 UTC. We had a total of 15 JAs. Besides the JAs, my best contacts were ZL3A (New Zealand) on 40m, UA0IDZ (Asiatic Russia) and VP8KF (Falkland Islands) on 20m. PS0F on the Island of Fernando de Noronha was also quite a snag. I did hear briefly hear a FK5 (New Caledonia), but they disappeared before I could work him. We also worked quite a few KL7s (Alaska) and KH6s (Hawaii). On 80m, working CS2C (Czech Republic) and CU2X (Azores) was quite a surprise.

I had lots of fun. When I went to bed last night, I thought I still heard stations calling. Something that I realized after reading the rules yesterday that there is no power classification for Multi-Twos. In other words, all Multi-Twos (high and low power) are lumped together. Maybe next year, I'll setup my 500W amp on the beam and we can play with the big boys.

Thanks for everyone who came out whether you operated or not. I was somewhat disappointed that Scott and I were the only representatives of BARC and no one from K9SOU showed up. I guess next year we need to promote it more.

Corey or AJ, if you want to post a summary to the K9IU mailing list that would great.

73 de
Bob Poortinga K9SQL

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I didn't realize we got

I didn't realize we got Alaska but I wasn't paying too close of attention unless I was operating. Let's hope they upload to LOTW, we need Alaska for Worked All States (already have Hawaii).

Additionally, this contest could possibly push us up to a new DXCC via LOTW if enough people submit their logs. We currently have 30 entities of 100 required. I posted them to the awards page a couple weeks back, you can find it here: http://www.indiana.edu/~k9iu/?q=node/20

Would be nice to see some awards up on the wall from the past decade.

-Corey KB9JHU

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Alaska contacts: QSO: 14192

Alaska contacts:

QSO: 14192 PH 2009-03-07 1853 K7LU          59  IN     KL7RA         59  1000   0
QSO: 14156 PH 2009-03-07 1907 K7LU          59  IN     KL7FH         59  1000   0
QSO: 14189 PH 2009-03-08 0045 K9SQL         59  IN     KL7AM         59  100    0
QSO:  7075 PH 2009-03-08 0130 K9SQL         59  IN     KL7RA         59  1000   1
QSO: 14268 PH 2009-03-08 2316 K9SQL         59  IN     KL7R          59  100    0
QSO: 14220 PH 2009-03-08 2338 K9SQL         59  IN     WL7BDO        59  100    0

Bob Poortinga K9SQL

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Countries contacted: below

Countries contacted:

below is a list of DXCC entities we got (the list is not going to match the number of cty multipliers we got since there are country duplicates on differing bands that count as additional multipliers). Plus, there is a bit of a fudge factor in the app I used to do the cty.dat lookup so some might be mising or 'Unknown' (Bob's New Zealand contact for one). What I have are 77 unique entities, throwing them up here for trivial knowledge.

Antigua & Barbuda
Asiatic Russia
Balearic Is.
Costa Rica
Czech Republic
Dominican Republic
European Russia
Falkland Is.
Fernando de Noronha
French St. Martin
Madeira Is.
Netherlands Antilles
Northern Ireland
Puerto Rico
St. Kitts & Nevis
St. Vincent
Trinidad & Tobago
Turks & Caicos
Virgin Is.

-Corey KB9JHU

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