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The Indiana QSO Party (INQP) is Saturday May 2nd from noon to midnight local time, just 3 weeks away. I'm starting this thread to help organize who will be available to work the contest. For all of the rules and past results on this contest see As for the K9IU plans, keep reading:

With this contest, we run in the multi-op category, but the contest rules do not allow for a multiple radios to operate at the same time. What this means is that we can have one radio run as K9IU with people trading off as operators, and the other radio can be open for use on a different band by any General or Extra using their own personal callsign. As day turns to night we will likely be down to one antenna for the lower bands so the second radio won't be available after dark. The trick here will be to make sure you open a new log for your callsign in the logging software. Or bring a laptop with your own logging software. Or, do it by paper and beware of dupes. ;)

This will be a good day for contesting as the New England QSO Party and 7 QSO Party are also held at the same time. In fact, the same logs can be submitted to those contests for points as well. The main difference is that our logging software will not be aware and able to handle scoring all 3 contests from the same contact entries, we will just focus on the INQP score in real time. Just know that these contests are going on and enter their exchanges accordingly.

Add a note to this thread if you plan on attending. Personally, my plans are to operate portable from Brown County so I hope to get K9IU in the logs and we can try to sked some various bands. I believe AJ will be around to open the shack and be control op.

There are 2 categories in which we will be scoring for: The first category is the multi-op station of K9IU itself. This will be up against other multi-op stations in the state. Secondly is the "club competition", where participants in the INQP can lay claim to a club they belong to, and the combined score for each club is ranked against each other. So, anyone who operates under their own callsign should denote the "Indiana University Amateur Radio Club" as their club. I will be doing the same with my Brown County results. The K9IU multi-op score will be included in that as well.

Now, there is a catch to the scoring and the biggest reason I don't think we will win any plaques: Phone contacts count as 1 point, CW contacts count as 2 points. In the past couple of years that I have checked, all plaque winners have had a slew of CW contacts. But, we'll do what we can and hope that we can convince them to normalize the scoring in years to come. Multipliers are for each Indiana county, each state and canadian province. No multipliers for DX entities although they do count for points. The county multipliers are a fun twist to this contest as local contacts can be tricky on HF. Expect them to be more attainable in the evening time on 80m (Bob, any other tips here? I think statewide should be fine on 80m during the day as well though last year our luck didn't kick in until night time)

Also noteworthy, last year we had a mobile team ride through the state and operate, I'm not sure if there are plans for that yet or not. Coordinating here would be a good idea.

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I am trying to get Mel

I am trying to get Mel Crichton KJ9C who is one of the INQP organizers to give a brief talk about the INQP at the next BARC meeting May 1. This will a brief presentation before Corey's.

73 de
Bob Poortinga K9SQL

I might be able to operate

I might be able to operate for an hour or two at some point in the day (just probably not early afternoon) if others are getting tired of it.

What do you mean when you say certain contacts' exchanges should be entered accordingly for the other contests? What does this entail?


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A few people on the INQP

A few people on the INQP mailing list are talking about a 2m freq of 146.490 to monitor for the mobiles driving around.. Might be a good use of the K9IU 2m beam to hunt some mobiles and sked them on HF. ;)

-Corey KB9JHU

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Are you going to op from the

Are you going to op from the shack for this one, Bob? You want to bring your amp? Might help to run with a few hundred extra watts. ;)

-Corey KB9JHU

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fyi, I'll be operating as

fyi, I'll be operating as N9WEW in brown co.. we decided to use his call for the extra privileges in case we want to chase someone down in those freq's. We're taking a 2m jpole so I should be able to get into the K9IU repeater and we can try to sked all of the bands..

-Corey KB9JHU

I have marked it in my

I have marked it in my Calendar, I should be free all day if someone wants to swap out, or hunt (assuming it's allowed).

/I know Spam and Eggs is good, but this isn't Spam, Good Filter. :)

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