IRLP/Echolink 146.94 repeater?


Just curious if the IRLP Node is connected to/utilizes our Echolink node as well. I was on Echolink just now and was testing to see if I could reach the repeater through Echolink, but I could not.

I figure this would give other people means of accessing our repeater via Echolink.

Any thoughts?

-Noah (KC9HKI)

I'm having trouble

I'm having trouble connecting to the Echolink side via EchoMac. It sits there, attempting to login, but ultimately times out.


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Sorry, just saw this today.

Sorry, just saw this today. We just replaced the IRLP node on the 2m system a couple of weekends ago. Echolink has not been re-added yet, mostly because we keep the 2m system dialed in to the reflector 90% of the time anyway.

Now, the good news is that we added echolink to the reflector a couple of weeks back as well. So if you look for node K9IU-L in EchoMac you should be able to jump on to both IU's repeaters (as well as any others dialed in at the time). The Tuesday night nets have been very busy lately with the addition of echolink. HTH

-Corey KB9JHU

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