Spring 2010 antenna maintenance: 10 April

This thread is for information and commentary about our upcoming antenna maintenance. The primary date is Saturday, 10 April, with a rain-date of 17 April.

We aim to kick things off at 9AM, and I will be bringing coffee and fixings for those who request it (that means you need to e-mail me: johajohn@indiana.edu with your milk/cream/sugar preferences so I can get an accurate estimate on how much to get).

What we want to do:
1. Johnj and an assistant (or two) will be putting a 1:1 balun onto our HF beam in an attempt to resolve some feedline problems, to prepare for future feedline or antenna upgrades, and to limit/prevent feedline radiation.
2. two or three people will re-guy the HF vertical, check it's connections, and potentially adjust its tuning (time permitting).
3. two or three people will do a survey of our feedlines, make sure that they are labeled in the shack, in the repeater room, and on the roof, record SWR characteristics on all bands, check condition of connectors and renew all weatherseal.
4. if time permits, measurements will be taken with an eye to mounting a 160m sloper on the HF tower.

Manpower plan: as above, we're looking at a minimum of about 5 people to get all this done, and it's always more fun with more folks. If you can't come at 9, or have to leave early, no problem. Please reply to this thread if you plan on participating (even if only to look at our setup on your way to another appointment) so that we can prioritize our work. If you want coffee, send me your cream/sugar preferences via e-mail.

Equipment plan: For this work we will need:
-tower climbing equipment and safety tie-offs. Johnj will be providing his own.

-mounting the balun: a mix of hand tools (wrenches and screwdrivers) will be required to mount the balun. A hack-saw and battery-powered drill will be required to cut the old connectors off of the beam. Wire-cutting and -crimping tools will be needed to terminate the wires at the balun and beam. Johnj will bring his supply of hand-tools.

-measuring SWR: a dummy load of at least 500W capability is required. Paper and pencil in the shack for recording SWR measurements. We can use the meters on one of the rigs to measure SWR.

-guying the vertical: hands should do it.

-measuring for the sloper: 100' tape would be best. We can mark a length of guy line and measure that later if we don't have a tape on-site.

-tuning the vertical: screwdrivers and SWR measurement equipment.

If you can provide any of the above (particularly the battery-powered drill, dummy load, or 100' tape), please reply to this thread. If you can think of anything else, please reply to this thread.

Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you there!

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I have Jerry's antenna

I have Jerry's antenna analyzer. I will be sure to put it in the shack before the work day, though I won't be able to make it this time.

-Corey KB9JHU

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I can borrow a 100' tape

I can borrow a 100' tape from work.
Bob Poortinga K9SQL

I can bring some extra hand

I can bring some extra hand tools and a crimp tool, just in case. Let me check with my boss to see if I can borrow my office drill. It isn't much, but it'll still cut.

See y'all on Saturday!

/can't help but notice the spam filter thinks I'm always full of it.

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John, I thought at the

John, I thought at the meeting we decided on an 8:00 am start.

Bob Poortinga K9SQL

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