K9IU D-Star

K9IU is happy to bring a D-Star repeater to the Bloomington area. While the system is still new to us and the dust is still settling down, it has been a fun mode to play with since its arrival.

Repeater info

K9IU-B 444.900+ (transmit on 449.900), DV mode

  • The repeater runs an ICOM D-Star gateway, and is registered to the US Trust server.
  • The gateway also runs DPlus, allowing DV Dongle users to connect by linking to K9IU port B
  • The gateway also runs ircddb, allowing for quicker callsign routing.
  • New users can register at https://k9iu.ham-radio-op.net/Dstar.do
  • We have a custom status application written by K9IU members at http://k9iu.ham-radio-op.net/d-hud/ with detailed instructions on registering found here

Indiana state D-Star network

With DPlus we can link up to other D-Star repeaters and reflectors. Across the state, other repeaters link up to reflector 024 port B. The operators of that reflector have designated port B for Indiana D-Star perma-linking. To see the status of this reflector and the nodes connected to it, visit http://ref024.dstargateway.org/

Repeater usage and commands

To use the repeater for general use, set your radio to the following, without quotes, and being cautious about the number of spaces (the RPT1 and RPT2 entries will fill 8 character slots):
MY: (your callsign)
RPT1: "K9IU   B"
RPT2: "K9IU   G"

Additionally, the following commands can be run on the reflector by replacing the UR with the command below and keying up. Once you have run a command, remember to change back to the CQCQCQ lest you re-run the command the next time you key up. Also be sure to count the spaces, each field fills up 8 characters and many of the commands will be on the 7th and 8th characters. These commands require RPT1 to be "K9IU   B" and RPT2 to be "K9IU   G"

  • "       U" - Unlink the repeater
  • "       I" - Give a voice prompt of whether the repeater is linked to another system or not.
  • "K9IU  IX" Will return the current link status to your display
  • "REFxxxyL" - link to reflector number xxx, port y (for example "REF024BL")
  • "K9IU  LX" - Link to last busy reflector, great for finding a QSO in
    the quiet hours
  • "K9IU  RX" - Random reflector link to one of 10 most recently busy reflectors
  • "K9IU  AX" - show the last user to talk & time of transmission
  • "VIS   ON" - allow your callsign to be shown in the ircddb logs (they are hidden by default)
  • "VIS  OFF" - do not allow your callsign to be shown in the ircddb logs (this is default)

Mailing list

We have a mailing list to communicate new features, system changes, and outages. Feel free to sign up at http://groups.google.com/group/bloomington-dstar.

D-Star Links

Here are some links that can help you learn about and use D-Star

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