Science Olympiad State Tournament

Saturday, March 16, will be the State Science Olympiad, hosted by the College of Arts and Science, Indiana University. The Amateur Radio Club, K9IU, is organizing the ham radio support for the campus activities. ARES-RACES and BARC, will be providing volunteers to assist the K9IU effort.

Nearly all will begin first thing Saturday morning, usually around 6:30 AM with juice, coffee and pastry in the Trees Suite at the IMU to touch base and make sure all assignments are covered. Some event check-ins start as early as 7:00. Finish times will vary according to how the events proceed, but all should be finished before 5:00.

The event features science teams from high schools all over Indiana and the competitors' families. As a result, a new Indiana University requirement will be in effect. All event coordinators and personnel who have direct contact with the under 18 students must have been cleared by IU with a background check. Since all hams will be working areas along with a cleared volunteer, it will only be necessary for the organizers to check the National Sex Offenders Database -- a single element of the full background check -- and this will be done without using any sensitive data such as SSNs.

The campus will be crowded with folks who have no idea how to get around or where things are located. The various events are located around the Bloomington campus, stretching from the old central area east of the Sample Gates to the recreation and athletic facilities on the far reaches. Each event will have a volunteer supervisor who oversees, schedules, evaluates, and reports the scores for the event.

Ham radio functions as the communications link for all the events, supervisors, and event headquarters, as well as goodwill ambassadors for IU and Bloomington. Ideally, a radio operator will be assigned to each event, will locate her/his portable (HT) station in a convenient area, and provide communications to/from HQ and the event coordinator.

Ideally, a ham operator will be assigned as "shadow" to Olympiad leadership, following him/her wherever the day may take them. Ideally, a team of 2-3 hams will operate the net control station in proximity to Science Olympiad HQ. Ideally, others will be available to fill-in and handle communications in overloaded areas. Ideally, 15 hams will volunteer for assignments that could be for as short as 4 hours to as long as 8-10 hours (which can be broken down into shifts).

Your help is absolutely necessary.

Please email if you would like to volunteer :)!

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