Club Equipment

The Indiana University Amateur Radio Club (K9IU) is located at the West Tower of the Indiana Memorial Union. The roof of this nine story high building is home for the club's antenna farm. The antenna farm consists of a six element multi band high frequency (HF) directional beam, an eight element dual polarity 2 meter beam, a vertical multi-band HF antenna, and an additional 2 meter vertical antenna for the K9IU repeater.
Operating Desk
Our radio shack consists of various pieces of equipment including: two HF rigs, SWR meters, power supplies, antenna tuner, antenna rotor control, 2 meter multi-mode transceiver, computer, packet TNC, CW key and tone generator, and more...
Icom IC-735
A recently-donated Icom IC-746 is now the main rig of K9IU. The Icom IC-735 is now our secondary HF rig. It receives the full range of frequencies from 3KHz - 30 MHz and it's capable of transmitting 100 watts on any amateur radio designated band. The IC-746 also has a built-in antenna tuner, twin passband tuning and VHF capability.
Kenwood TR-751A
Used for 2 meter amateur radio band operation, the Kenwood TR-751A is a multi-mode (FM, CW, SSB) rig. This radio is used in combination with our eight element dual polarity 2 meter beam for VHF DX contacts.

We also have our IRLP Node 4031 which is connected to our repeater. Feel free to give us a call on IRLP or on echoLink.

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