Portable APRS digi

Here are some pictures of the portable digipeater box we picked up at Dayton. The bottom half or so is filled with padding, space that can be well used with batteries.

The terminals could be used.. Sure they are not powerpole but we could make adapters if necessary.

The antenna mount is nice but without some way to anchor the digibox to the ground I don't think there would be much stability. Anchor or guy it somehow..

Two big needs right now are batteries and an antenna. Since the digi will probably be high power to get out of dead spots, the battery needs to be a high Ah.

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Hmm.. only allowed me to

Hmm.. only allowed me to attach one picture. Here are the other two:

digibox closed up
inside of the digibox

-Corey KB9JHU

For this setup, a SLA

For this setup, a SLA battery is probably good enough, but they are getting more expensive now... Stansifers for an 7Ah battery is like $45. I think a solar panel attached might help out a little too, depending on usage.

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Dwight brought up an idea as

Dwight brought up an idea as I was asking about batteries for my home setup, the golf cart shop south of town has been known to sell used golf cart batteries in the past (they are really good for ham stuff). I'll be checking them out this week. If they have some at a decent price I might grab some for both home and the digi.

-Corey KB9JHU

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