APRS infrastructure changes

Today we made some changes to the K9IU APRS infrastructure in the area. We have installed a new digipeater and igate at the Indiana Memorial Union on the IU campus. The antenna is a temporary setup, a mag mount on the roof top 7 floors above ground, and works well for now. The digi SSID is K9IU-12 with the igate being K9IU-14.

The old K9IU-13 igate was shut down shortly thereafter. So far the corrupt packet issues that some people were having through K9IU-13 have been resolved with the new igate.

The K9IU-12 digipeater is currently setup in a conservative fashion but should always digipeat reasonable packets that it hears first before any other digipeater in the area. We may make other adjustments in the future to cut down on QRM in the network as we have 2 really good WIDE digipeaters covering Bloomington already (WB9TLH-10 and KB9YVI-10). Our ideal plan for this site is to provide coverage for low-power devices that send APRS packets from within the Bloomington area and can not quite hit the other digipeaters. The location will also give great coverage for indoor locations across campus should any special event require.

There is still another fill in digipeater at 10th & the bypass, K9IU-10. This site will remain in production.

To connect to the igate using an APRS client, use k9iu-12.homelinux.com for now. We will be moving the system up into the repeater room eventually and there may be some IP changes but we should be able to keep that DNS pointer correct. For those who need an APRS passcode, drop us a line and we can look yours up.

See our APRS page for more information and a live APRS map (provided by aprs.fi)

If you notice any problems or have suggestions please speak up!

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