Meeting presentation ideas

Starting this thread to collect ideas for fall meeting presentations and/or workshops. These should be held monthly and be advertised to the general student body (postings in CS buildings, radio/tv, etc)..

I'll kick start the list with a few topics:

- PSK31 demonstration (finding a way to do this inside a lecture hall like in INFO would be cool, gear it towards non-hams and advertise it as such).. Doing this inside the shack would be quite limiting.

- APRS introduction and tutorial.. Again, pitch this to non-hams outside of K9IU. Internally, show ways that APRS can be used by licensed operators without a radio/tnc.

- WIFI homebrew antennas: Find a non-ham on campus who is into pringle can antennas and such, invite him/her to present and show how to build and use one. Might be another bridge into bringing non-ham techies on board.

- Contesting: this is more of an advertising idea than a meeting idea, but try to use the competetive nature of contesting as a way to get non-hams interested. Its a sport that geeks can participate in without burning calories! ;) In actuality, could do our own mini "contest university" like what is done every year at Dayton, only without the price tag.

- Linked repeater systems, how do they work, what are some of the challenges of maintaining and operating them, etc.

Other random thoughts:

- Invite people from out of town to present (like grab someone from W9ICE or EARS for the linked repeater presentation).. Might be tough to do without being able to guarantee a good turnout. I'd hate to ask someone to drive just to have 4 people show up. Then again, maybe they wouldn't mind.

- Every presentation gets advertised across campus! The more buzz is built up, the more chance for successful attendance.

Other ideas???

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