Morse Code Lessons

At 7:30pm on Sundays or the end of the K9IU Sunday Night Net K9IU will hold More Code lessons based off of lessons from "Learning the Radiotelegraph Code" Each lessons consists of 6-7 characters which will be posted each week for everyone who is interested in participating can learn/review those characters. Then each week builds on the other, until we have done every character and start over again.

Net Control alternates between interested participants each week, allowing everyone a chance at sending and receiving. The Morse code lessons will always be done at 15wpm with 5wpm spacing like the FCC test use to be.

Check Calendar for this weeks schedule and current characters.

After the Morse Code Lessons K9IU net control will then re-transmit W1AW's morse code practice session. For everyone to attempt to copy. This should give Amateur Radio operators a chance to practice copying code as it is heard on the air. This is another good way to practice Morse code, and get your speed up.

After the entire transmission has ended, the net control will then read what was sent so people can check their copy.

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