Spring 2010 antenna maintenance: 10 April

This thread is for information and commentary about our upcoming antenna maintenance. The primary date is Saturday, 10 April, with a rain-date of 17 April.

We aim to kick things off at 9AM, and I will be bringing coffee and fixings for those who request it (that means you need to e-mail me: with your milk/cream/sugar preferences so I can get an accurate estimate on how much to get).

What we want to do:

Fall 2009 workday planning

I'm starting this topic as a pre-event planning topic for a fall workday.

This summer we cleaned up the connections on our HF vertical, apparent with some good results. That's good, but we have more work to do, primarily on our HF beam.

Work to do on the beam and tower:
1. install balun to antenna. This will probably be done by cutting off the old hardware and feedline connection, and perhaps drilling out holes for new mounting hardware. Next we secure the balun (already purchased, I hope), and replace the feedline segment currently in use up to the antenna.

New website pages on shack operation

FYI, I've added 2 new pages under the "Club Equipment" menu: Contest Operation and Band Capabilities. These should help everyone (especially new members) learn how we operate on HF and log contacts during contests. Please read through these, especially if you plan on operating this weekend in the ARRL DX SSB contest (see the forum thread for that contest here). The contest operation page has been printed off and taped up in the shack for easy reference as well. Hope to see you there!

Band capabilities

The following show which bands we can operate on each antenna. For space consideration I've left out the WARC bands.

Operating a contest

Using N1MM at K9IU

With the exception of School Club Roundup, our contests are logged with the N1MM logger. This documentation assumes that N1MM has already been setup for the contest that you are operating in.

Club needs ("shopping list")

So there has been talk for quite some time about selling the amplifier and possibly other things in the shack, and there has also been talk of things we could need or use in the club. I'm starting this thread to collect ideas, thoughts, etc.. so we can actually do something about this. (for reference, the amplifier ebays around $1,150 and up)

Arrow antenna order

(apologies for any uitshams that have already seen this)

$99 embedded Linux system

Check this out:

$99 "wall wart" style embedded Linux system. Add OT2 and USB/serial cable and this would be a great digipeater, igate, or dedicated Xastir client.

K9IU Antenna pics

I just posted a few pictures of the rooftop antennas from the K9IU shack at the Indiana Memorial Union. These are great quality and we'll spread them out across the web site over time. For now you can check them out in the Photo Galleries. Thanks to Chris Eller for taking these! Visit his site at

Rooftop array - notated

Rooftop array - notated
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