2010 K9IU Callout

We need to do some recruiting.. Licensed people and unlicensed alike.

I'm going to throw out some ideas.. I don't expect all of them to stick (nor do I think they are all "good" ideas - just throwing stuff out to start a conversation). Whatever we do, we should do it quickly and soon while the beginning of the school year is still here and produce some traction before people get busy with finals and projects.

Here it goes:

Coach Hep Challenge APRS planning

Planning session for APRS at Coach Hep Cancer Challenge 2009

Wednesday 13 May, 6:00 PM in the IMU Charter Room

Meeting presentation ideas

Starting this thread to collect ideas for fall meeting presentations and/or workshops. These should be held monthly and be advertised to the general student body (postings in CS buildings, radio/tv, etc)..

I'll kick start the list with a few topics:

- PSK31 demonstration (finding a way to do this inside a lecture hall like in INFO would be cool, gear it towards non-hams and advertise it as such).. Doing this inside the shack would be quite limiting.

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