Wonderlab balloon idea

After the high altitude ballooning presentation it was agreed that many of us want to fly a balloon but it is always nice to have a purpose to the flight other than "just because". The idea has been brought up of doing a flight for the Wonderlab, having them build an experiment or two which we fly, track, and recover. There is the potential to generate some cool press for both the Wonderlab and the K9IU club, and leave the lab with plenty of cool pictures at the edge of space.

Ballooning presentation slides

I've uploaded my slides from the high altitude ballooning presentation, and they can be downloaded at Please note that there was a lot of google earth demonstration that is not included in these slides. Below are the links I referred to in the presentation: (full featured web APRS client) (Edge of Space Sciences, ballooning team in Colorado) (trans-atlantic balloon team from Tennessee) (aggregated schedule of upcoming balloon launches) (great plains super launch, held annually in Kansas)

New website forum & category

I've added a forum and content category for high altitude ballooning. There is enough talk of launching a balloon from our club that we can do some brainstorming and planning here on the website.


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