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interference on 146.58?

Every Monday-night simplex net I've had the same problem: there's some sort of local interference.

I can hear the interference on 146.58 very faintly in the background if my radio's in the right place and tilted at the right angle, but when anyone transmits, it completely overtakes their signal. Even strong, clear signals become impossible to make out.

Indiana QSO Party thread

The Indiana QSO Party (INQP) is Saturday May 2nd from noon to midnight local time, just 3 weeks away. I'm starting this thread to help organize who will be available to work the contest. For all of the rules and past results on this contest see http://www.hdxcc.org/inqp/index.html As for the K9IU plans, keep reading:

Spring 09 ARRL DX SSB thread

ARRL DX SSB International contest is a week from today, and will run Friday, March 6th, 19:00 through Sunday, March 8th, 18:00 all day and night. Let's use this thread to coordinate when someone from K9IU will be available in the shack to open it up for K9SOU and Bloomington ARC members. (keeping in mind that a club member needs to be present in the shack but with that dependency met a non-K9IU member with a higher license could act as control op) If we can hammer out some decent coverage before Monday we can announce the operating schedule on the monday night 2m ARES net.

Club needs ("shopping list")

So there has been talk for quite some time about selling the amplifier and possibly other things in the shack, and there has also been talk of things we could need or use in the club. I'm starting this thread to collect ideas, thoughts, etc.. so we can actually do something about this. (for reference, the amplifier ebays around $1,150 and up)

Arrow antenna order

(apologies for any uitshams that have already seen this)

2m SSB net

I caught word during last night's simplex net that there is a new 2m SSB net starting up around here. Technically it is starting down near the river in southern Indiana but supposedly contacts have been made all the way up to Michigan city. If someone were to try this net out on the beam from the shack I'm sure you would get in easily, pointing the beam straight south.

The details are (going by memory here) every Thursday night at 19:00 local, 144.250 USB.

We have a couple of 2m SSB capable radios in the shack. The Kenwood TR-751 will do USB on 2m, as will the Icom IC-746.

Online CW training

Some of us have come across a website to learn and train CW online via a variety of methods (including my favorite - Koch). Its all free. There is a group social feature to it as well that will show results for the group and what not so we have created a K9IU group on there.

Give it a shot.. Personally, I haven't given up on learning CW, but it got tough to commit to the net every week. This allows everyone to work at their own pace (albeit with a little peer pressure from the scoreboard).


Free General study guide

I sent this out to the mailing list a while back but as mentioned last night some people didn't get it. This is one ham's 'no nonsense general exam study guide'.. Free, pdf, enjoy!



Well, for those who left the shack early after the meeting tonight, K5D moved their RX up to .228 on 20m but the band conditions were closing fast. We were able to get them short of 9:00 tonight.. Turned out the op was Joseph's uncle, so he got a lengthy QSO in after the initial contact (lengthy in terms of a dxpedition).

All thanks to that beam! One more DX entity for the books..


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