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Spring 09 School Club Roundup thread

Starting a thread for any discussion and planning around this spring's school club roundup (which is this week!). I hope to be in the shack for a couple of days if someone would like to join me and operate a bit. Or, if you plan on operating some other within your licensed privileges please post here as well so that someone else with less privileges may join you.

-Corey KB9JHU

Using PropNET to gauge band openings

(this is info that I was going to send to a colleague but figure others on here might benefit so I'll put it here instead.. So if it seems random, it sortof is)

Last weekend saw a few evenings of high activity and good band conditions in the 10m band. Now, 10m is a fun and quite popular band for many reasons, some of which include:

  • Technicians have voice privileges from 28.3-28.5 MHz
  • Smallest wavelength of the amateur HF allocation, meaning less required for your antenna (for example, beam antennas are smaller)

spring antenna maintenance plans

I'm creating this topic as a place to put ideas, requests, and plans for antenna/tower maintenance for this spring. Good weather is coming sooner than we might think!

I know for a fact that we need to re-guy the HF vertical antenna. That will take something like 100-150 feet of guy line. I don't recall the source that Jerry once sent via e-mail, but it was approximately $1 per foot at the time. We definitely need to do this purchasing in advance, and it wouldn't hurt to have a bit of extra line hanging around the shack.

K9IU Logging program

We have decided to create our own web based logging program. Probably written with perl cgi webservices, and javascript frontend... consider using YUI or GWT to write the frontend.

Jonathan and myself are on-board with doing this, we should schedule a meeting to develop a requirements/features document for what we want so that we can work simultaneously on different parts of the code to get it done faster.

A.J. Will setup a dev host for us to work on.

If you are interested in this project please post your interest in this forum so that we can schedule a time.

Upcoming contests for 2008

Here are some of the upcoming contests that may be of interest to operate from K9IU. If there are any others please add them to this thread. Personally I'll look for any excuse to run a contest from the shack, but without interest from others I'd probably just run the contests from home. Below are some that I think will be relevant or large enough but the list might not be limited to those below.

1800Z, Aug 16 to 0600Z, Aug 17 North American QSO Party (SSB).. good opportunity to work on WAS award.

Morse Code Lessons

K9IU will be starting Morse Code Lessons on Sundays after 7:30pm after our K9IU Sunday Night Net. There will be no Morse Code lessons on the 3rd Sunday of the Month since that is when the K9IU Meeting is.

Meeting presentation ideas

Starting this thread to collect ideas for fall meeting presentations and/or workshops. These should be held monthly and be advertised to the general student body (postings in CS buildings, radio/tv, etc)..

I'll kick start the list with a few topics:

- PSK31 demonstration (finding a way to do this inside a lecture hall like in INFO would be cool, gear it towards non-hams and advertise it as such).. Doing this inside the shack would be quite limiting.

Portable APRS digi


Here are some pictures of the portable digipeater box we picked up at Dayton. The bottom half or so is filled with padding, space that can be well used with batteries.

The terminals could be used.. Sure they are not powerpole but we could make adapters if necessary.

The antenna mount is nice but without some way to anchor the digibox to the ground I don't think there would be much stability. Anchor or guy it somehow..

Two big needs right now are batteries and an antenna. Since the digi will probably be high power to get out of dead spots, the battery needs to be a high Ah.

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