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Due to popular demand (and a very good idea at that), we have an RSS feed for all new content generated by the site. A lot of club members use an RSS reader on a daily basis so this will help notify them when any of the following happen:

New news posting
New forum topic
New comments on any of the above

So this means there is no need to check in on the website on a regular basis if you use an RSS reader, just let it do the work for you.

The URL is

Additionally, if you want only the front-page news content, that feed is available at


K9IU Call out meeting

On Sunday the 21st of September we will be having our first meeting of the school year. This will be a call-out meeting with free Pizza and drinks, with some presentations and a few demos. If you are interested in the club, please stop by the State Room West at 7pm to join us.

See us at the IU Student Involvement Fair September 9th 11am to 2pm at the IMU

Come and see the IU Booth at the IU Student Involvement Fair September 9th 11am to 2pm at the IMU. You can sign up to join the club, find out about how to get your Amateur Radio License, and probably even talk to someone via the radio!!!

Field day pictures are up

We have a bunch of pictures from Field Day 08 added to the gallery. You can check them out by visiting


Field day is this weekend!

Field day is this weekend at Karst Farm Park, and we will be operating from 14:00 Saturday through 14:00 Sunday. Hope you will join us!

This homemade promo video has been floating around so I thought I would post it here:

WinLink and APRS in the shack

For Field day, we have some temporary stuff setup in the shack. First KC9EVU-3 bloomington's only winlink node, was moved up there for better coverage. We plan on demoing WinLink at field day, and letting people send e-mails via ham radio.

Next up we have the K9IU-12 APRS digipeater and iGate. After field day, we will be moving the node to the repeater room at the top of the union, so that it is out of the way!

The shack is a little messy with all this stuff, so if you head up to the shack, just be aware of what is happening.

Field Day 2008 is coming

The ARRL annual Field Day event is quickly approaching, and will be held the weekend of June 28-29. K9IU will be joining the Bloomington Amateur Radio Club (K9DIY) and the Bloomington South HS Amateur Radio Club (K9SOU) for this event. We will be operating out of Karst Farm Park, around shelters 3, 4, and 5 (bear left when entering the park and look for the antennas). We will be operating as K9DIY during this event.

New historical pictures posted

In the K9IU shack there is a photo album of historical goodies (even a copy of a violation notice from back in '74.. tsk tsk!) and thanks to KP4TD we have these scanned to a digital format. These are now posted to a photo gallery on the website, and can be reached by clicking here. Take a moment to see how the club use to operate, with a lot of field day and welcome fest pictures.


K9IU Antenna pics

I just posted a few pictures of the rooftop antennas from the K9IU shack at the Indiana Memorial Union. These are great quality and we'll spread them out across the web site over time. For now you can check them out in the Photo Galleries. Thanks to Chris Eller for taking these! Visit his site at

Website news feed

With the new website, you can subscribe to a feed of news postings using your favorite feed reader. Just point your reader to:

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