Indiana QSO Party (INQP)

THe INQP is coming up this Saturday, May 7th, From Noon to Midnight EDT.

Bonus: We will be working along side New England and MA for their QSO parties as their contest windows will overlap ours.

Personally, I'm aiming to be in the shack for the entire contest window. That doesn't mean that I wouldn't welcome a break if someone wanted to take over for a bit, or a longer while :)

So, KB9WRA: Noon to Midnight.

Post your hours in the replies if you know about what time you might be by!

Upcoming Contests, SCR and INT. DX Voice

Well, we have two good contests coming up this term, the School Club Roundup, which is next week! And the International DX Phone Contest, which is three-ish (3-ish) weeks away. We will want to double check everything, especially our beam and our loggers. We now have a place where we can setup an amplifier easily without tripping over things, so if we are fortunate enough to have an amp again this year, it would be an awesome time! Speaking of which, we should get K9SQL some cookies, see if he'll bring the amp in again this year :)

School Club Round-Up SP10

I was hoping to get into the shack later tonight, or more than likely, later this week (Thur-Fri Eve) to work the SCR, if anyone is interested in co-working, etc. Any thoughts?

Anthony (KB9WRA)

Nov. Sweeps planning thread

This thread is for planning and scheduling our activities for Nov. Sweeps.
Official rules are available from the ARRL website:

In short, only one transmitter operational at a time. I recommend we run as a multi-op station rather than a school club station in order to allow individuals who are not student/faculty/staff to contest with us.

School Club Roundup & Collegiate Championship

School Club Roundup is just around the corner. October 19 - 23. We should start making plans now.

In addition, have any of you heard of the Collegiate Championship?

-Corey KB9JHU

Indiana QSO Party thread

The Indiana QSO Party (INQP) is Saturday May 2nd from noon to midnight local time, just 3 weeks away. I'm starting this thread to help organize who will be available to work the contest. For all of the rules and past results on this contest see As for the K9IU plans, keep reading:

New website pages on shack operation

FYI, I've added 2 new pages under the "Club Equipment" menu: Contest Operation and Band Capabilities. These should help everyone (especially new members) learn how we operate on HF and log contacts during contests. Please read through these, especially if you plan on operating this weekend in the ARRL DX SSB contest (see the forum thread for that contest here). The contest operation page has been printed off and taped up in the shack for easy reference as well. Hope to see you there!

Operating a contest

Using N1MM at K9IU

With the exception of School Club Roundup, our contests are logged with the N1MM logger. This documentation assumes that N1MM has already been setup for the contest that you are operating in.

Spring 09 ARRL DX SSB thread

ARRL DX SSB International contest is a week from today, and will run Friday, March 6th, 19:00 through Sunday, March 8th, 18:00 all day and night. Let's use this thread to coordinate when someone from K9IU will be available in the shack to open it up for K9SOU and Bloomington ARC members. (keeping in mind that a club member needs to be present in the shack but with that dependency met a non-K9IU member with a higher license could act as control op) If we can hammer out some decent coverage before Monday we can announce the operating schedule on the monday night 2m ARES net.

Spring 09 School Club Roundup thread

Starting a thread for any discussion and planning around this spring's school club roundup (which is this week!). I hope to be in the shack for a couple of days if someone would like to join me and operate a bit. Or, if you plan on operating some other within your licensed privileges please post here as well so that someone else with less privileges may join you.

-Corey KB9JHU

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