INQP Contest Results

Contest results from the 2008 Indiana QSO Party (INQP) have been released today. K9IU did really well for our debut run (or at least the first entry that I am aware of). We had 2 entries: a Multi-op station run from our shack (K9IU) and the club competition where INQP operators can denote which club they belong to, and the aggregate points count toward the club competition. For our club competition we only had the combined points of our multi-op station and the mobile rover operated that day by N9VKU and NE7I.

And without further hesitation, our results:

K9IU Multi-op station - 8910 points, 2nd place out of 5 in the category

K9IU Club Competition - 9070 points, 6th place out of 10

Full results can be found at

The 2009 INQP is tentatively scheduled for May 2nd so keep that date open. I will start a forum topic for this so we can discuss further.

Upcoming contests for 2008

Here are some of the upcoming contests that may be of interest to operate from K9IU. If there are any others please add them to this thread. Personally I'll look for any excuse to run a contest from the shack, but without interest from others I'd probably just run the contests from home. Below are some that I think will be relevant or large enough but the list might not be limited to those below.

1800Z, Aug 16 to 0600Z, Aug 17 North American QSO Party (SSB).. good opportunity to work on WAS award.

Field day pictures are up

We have a bunch of pictures from Field Day 08 added to the gallery. You can check them out by visiting


Field day is this weekend!

Field day is this weekend at Karst Farm Park, and we will be operating from 14:00 Saturday through 14:00 Sunday. Hope you will join us!

This homemade promo video has been floating around so I thought I would post it here:

Field Day 2008 is coming

The ARRL annual Field Day event is quickly approaching, and will be held the weekend of June 28-29. K9IU will be joining the Bloomington Amateur Radio Club (K9DIY) and the Bloomington South HS Amateur Radio Club (K9SOU) for this event. We will be operating out of Karst Farm Park, around shelters 3, 4, and 5 (bear left when entering the park and look for the antennas). We will be operating as K9DIY during this event.

Indiana QSO Party Results

We had a good turnout at the K9IU shack to operate in the Indiana QSO Party. Below are our unofficial results (logs have been submitted).

Contacts for K9IU: 165
Multipliers: 54
Total points: 8,910

I'll create a page to track all of our contesting scores so we have something to work on beating in years to come. 73s

Indiana QSO Party '08

This year, K9IU will be operating from the IMU shack for the Indiana QSO Party (INQP). This event is a contest and chance to make as many contacts within Indiana as possible, though outside Indiana contacts are also desired and sought out. The event will be Saturday May 3rd, 2008 from 12:00 noon until 12:00 midnight (local time).

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