Coach Hep Challenge APRS planning

Planning session for APRS at Coach Hep Cancer Challenge 2009

Wednesday 13 May, 6:00 PM in the IMU Charter Room

APRS messaging (IGATE -> RF) now fixed!

Since we moved the K9IU-12 (INDUNV) APRS digipeater and igate out to the IMU, text messaging that used the internet as a middle man (APRS-IS) has been broken. Well, I'm happy to say that this is now fixed! IGate'd text messaging should flow fine to and from the K9IU digipeater and igate sitting on top of the IMU. This also includes messaging that originates from APRS clients and websites like openaprs.net

Thanks to Dwight (WB9TLH) for the help and prodding needed to get this fixed, it has been a long battle. We have confirmed that it works using a couple of web clients and will continue to look for any further breakage.

-Corey (KB9JHU)

Wonderlab balloon idea

After the high altitude ballooning presentation it was agreed that many of us want to fly a balloon but it is always nice to have a purpose to the flight other than "just because". The idea has been brought up of doing a flight for the Wonderlab, having them build an experiment or two which we fly, track, and recover. There is the potential to generate some cool press for both the Wonderlab and the K9IU club, and leave the lab with plenty of cool pictures at the edge of space.

APRS change on the K9IU website

FYI, I've swapped out the embedded APRS map on our APRS page from the aprs.fi site to the openaprs.net site. The map is a bit cleaner and the updates are more consistent.

The openaprs.net site is working to be a full-fledged APRS client on the web. They will even gate your objects and messages to the APRS network if you verify your account with an APRS packet originating from the RF network.




That link showed up on the Xastir mailing list last week. It looks pretty neat, and I think that I've decided on the application that I'd like to see and use. Don't know whether I have the gumption to write it.

I'd like to be able to input a GPS route (.gpx file) and receive back a GPS waypoints file (.gpx) that contains voice repeaters, Linux RMS gateways, and digipeaters that are within a configurable given distance of the route.


Hilly Hundred analysis

(background) We're analyzing the packets that were picked up from the trackers we had out at the Hilly Hundred last weekend, trying to get a good idea of coverage and "dead spots" for future events. There will be an obvious difference between the portable 5w trackers and the full-power mobiles. This is where the conversation picks up. (/background)

(email from Dick, KC9JLU)

I'd like to plot all the SAG aprs packets from the Hilly for low-power trackers
(5 W) to look for coverage holes. Looking at packet information in xastir, only

first crash...

Well, K9IU-12 went down for the first time sometime in the past 24hrs. I went in to the shack and the TNC and radio were powered off, but the power supply toggle switch light was on.

Put a meter up to the dc leads and it was about .75v

Reset the power supply and everything came back up.

We've had some storms so something may have surged the power supply. Might have to re-think our power source for the digi.


APRS infrastructure changes

Today we made some changes to the K9IU APRS infrastructure in the area. We have installed a new digipeater and igate at the Indiana Memorial Union on the IU campus. The antenna is a temporary setup, a mag mount on the roof top 7 floors above ground, and works well for now. The digi SSID is K9IU-12 with the igate being K9IU-14.

The old K9IU-13 igate was shut down shortly thereafter. So far the corrupt packet issues that some people were having through K9IU-13 have been resolved with the new igate.

Portable APRS digi


Here are some pictures of the portable digipeater box we picked up at Dayton. The bottom half or so is filled with padding, space that can be well used with batteries.

The terminals could be used.. Sure they are not powerpole but we could make adapters if necessary.

The antenna mount is nice but without some way to anchor the digibox to the ground I don't think there would be much stability. Anchor or guy it somehow..

Two big needs right now are batteries and an antenna. Since the digi will probably be high power to get out of dead spots, the battery needs to be a high Ah.


APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System) is a means of transmitting and sharing data pertaining to the "situational awareness" of a local area with an emphasis on geographical location, by using amateur radio. Most commonly the data transmitted on this network are position reports for mobile amateur radio operators with GPS tracking, and home weather station reports. Here in south-central Indiana we follow the nationwide practice of using 144.390 MHz for APRS traffic.

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