K9IU D-Star

K9IU is happy to bring a D-Star repeater to the Bloomington area. While the system is still new to us and the dust is still settling down, it has been a fun mode to play with since its arrival.

Repeater info

K9IU-B 444.900+ (transmit on 449.900), DV mode

  • The repeater runs an ICOM D-Star gateway, and is registered to the US Trust server.
  • The gateway also runs DPlus, allowing DV Dongle users to connect by linking to K9IU port B

IRLP/Echolink 146.94 repeater?


Just curious if the IRLP Node is connected to/utilizes our Echolink node as well. I was on Echolink just now and was testing to see if I could reach the repeater through Echolink, but I could not.

I figure this would give other people means of accessing our repeater via Echolink.

Any thoughts?

-Noah (KC9HKI)

Work done on 440 repeater

Yesterday, Dwight (WB9TLH) and myself (KB9JHU) did a little bit of work on the K9IU 440 repeater. Specifically we added a UPS to the computer that acts as both the IRLP node and the repeater controller itself to help it ride out any brief power outages, and we added some ferrites to the audio cables going between the PC and the radios. We have had a bit of interference in the past from nearby radio systems and hope that those ferrites will help choke any EMI coming across those lines.

Please speak up if you notice anymore interference coming through this repeater.

The repeater is at 442.825 with an input of 447.825, and a pl of 136.5. It is connected full-time to the University Linked Repeater System which is another project we are working on. Look for more universities to join up in the spring, along with regular nets held there.

University Linked Repeater System & Net

The K9IU club is leading a project to create a linked repeater system across various University based amateur radio clubs. The idea behind this is to bring more students, faculty, staff, and surrounding community members together and bolster local club interest through increased on-air conversation. We make use of a new IRLP reflector that is hosted on the major university and research networks (like Internet2, NLR, etc.) The channel that we have dedicated to this network is 9449.
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