K9IU Amateur Radio Club

K9IU Repeater

Output frequency: 442.825 MHz
Input frequency: 447.825 MHz
PL tone: 136.5 Hz
Repeater: GE 2 SM 50 radios
Output power: 30 watts
Controller: IRLP Node 4802 running IRLP-Controller (maintained by KC9EVU)
Duplexer ???
Antenna: Soon to be upgraded
Location: West Tower Indiana Memorial Union, Bloomington, Indiana
Latitude: 39 Degrees 10 Minutes 03.2 Seconds (North)
Longitude: 86 Degrees 31 Minutes 25.5 Seconds (West)

The K9IU repeater is open to all amateurs. It is located in the Indiana University Memorial Union in Bloomington, Indiana.

All courtsey tones are based on IRLP status. Ending in a long tone means that there is another Node(s) connected.

K9IU Repeater Controller Codes
  code function
  #2 Request Time of day
  111 IRLP Enabled
  333 IRLP Disabled
IRLP Node Codes
  code function
  A Node Status
  xxxx Connect to IRLP node/reflector
  73 Hangs-up connection
Echolink Node Codes
  code function
  *xxxxxx Connect to Echolink node / conference
  73 Hangs-up connection
Ham Radio News
  code function
  456B Plays ARRL Audio News
Short list of IRLP Nodes and Reflectors
  node # description

Indianapolis Crossroads Reflector

  9250 Western Reflector
  4390 Dartmouth Amateur Radio Association Hanover, NH
  2930 Concordia University ARC Montreal
  4853 Purdue University ARC West Lafayette, IN


If you would like to support the K9IU repeater and have access to the shack located in the Union building, you can contribute $15 per year to the K9IU club. You don’t have to be part of Indiana University to be part of the club. To join, send your check for $15 to Radio Club and mail it to:

Indiana University
Indiana Memorial Union, Room 677
900 E. 7th St.
Bloomington, IN 47405-3905


If you have questions or problems with this repeater, please contact:

K9IU – k9iu@indiana.edu