What is KDR?

Kappa Delta Rho (or just KDR) is an American college social fraternity, with 78 chapters (nearly 40 of which are active) spread out over the United States, primarily in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic regions. Kappa Delta Rho’s open motto is Honor Super Omnia, or Honor Above All Things.

The values of KDR are: Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship, Service, and Tradition and can be seen in its Credo and Precepts. The Credo first received national recognition in the fraternity world when The Fraternity Month published it in the October 1946 issue. The author is George E. Shaw, Alpha ‘10, (1885 – 1976), Director of Kappa Delta Rho, National Historian, and the first pledge of the fraternity. The Precepts were adopted by the 95th National Convention in 2006.

How do I join?

Every semester, IU has a formal recruitment for men that lasts 2-3 weeks. During this period, potential new members meet with the various social fraternities on campus, getting a feeling for the different personalities of each chapter. As they go through this experience, they will begin to find a chapter (or chapters) in which they feel they would be a good fit. After attending some events at a particular chapter, the potential new member may receive a bid from that organization. This bid, if signed by the prospective member, then serves as the first step towards joining the fraternity. The following period is commonly referred to as “pledgeship” and upon completion of this process, the new member becomes a full-fledged brother of the fraternity.

Kappa Delta Rho participates in formal recruitment, but our search for new gentlemen doesn’t stop there. We also implement a rolling or dynamic recruiting recruitment system; this means that we will give out bids at any point during the semester. If for any reason you did not find Kappa Delta Rho during formal recruitment, don’t worry! We will still have events that you can attend in order to get familiarized with the Brotherhood.