The Junco Film and Interactive Media project is an educational media project in our lab designed to highlight past and current research on the dark-eyed junco. A preview clip of the film can be viewed below; more information is available at the Junco Media Project website.

Junco Media Project Sample Clips from Junco Media Project on Vimeo.

Below is a clip of Ketterson Lab research featured on ScienCentral's Science Sensei:

An Australian news clip entitled "Fatherhood: Secrets of the Superdads" that mentions our research on testosterone and behavior in male juncos (beginning at about 4:05).


Gallery: Junco Lab group photos

Gallery: MLBS Junco Crew group photos


Juncos sing two broad categories of song, long-range song (LRS) and short-range song (SRS). Short-range song can be further divided based on song tempo into slow SRS and fast SRS. You can listen to the three types of song below (WAV files), and visit Dustin Reichard's page to learn more about them.