Nicole M. Gerlach, Ph.D.

University of Florida
Department of Biology

Bartram-Carr Hall
P.O Box 118525
Gainesville FL 32611

E-mail: nmgerlac AT indiana DOT edu
ngerlach AT ufl DOT edu

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  • BSC 2009: Biological Sciences (non-majors online course), University of Florida. Summer 2013. Lecturer.
  • BSC 2010: Integrated Principles of Biology I (Genetics and Evolution modules), University of Florida. Spring & Summer 2013. Lecturer.
  • BIO S318: Honors Evolution, Indiana University. Fall 2007 & Fall 2009. Associate Instructor; Instructor: Farrah Bashey-Visser
  • BIO Z406: Vertebrate Zoology, Indiana University. Spring 2009: Associate Instructor; Instructor: Clara Cotton
  • BIO L113: Introductory Biology Lab, Indiana University. Fall 2003 & Spring 2004. Associate Instructor; Instructor: Jim Hengeveld
  • BIO L104: Biology of the Senses, Indiana University. Fall 2008. Associate Instructor; Instructor: Laura Mojonnier/Angie Shelton
  • BIO A501: Techniques in Reproductive Diversity. September 2011. Co-instructor for portion; Ellen Ketterson
  • Intercession course: Tropical Forests of Costa Rica, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy and the Organization for Tropical Studies. January 2003 and 2005: Co-instructor with John Thompson