KGD Rush Party & Week of Fall 2012

AUG 30, 2012

KGD will host a rush party for the coming fall semester of 2012. It will be the second week of this sememster in LAP's house. Here is the schedule of rush week:

Mon August 27th: Event: Call-out meeting
Time: 7p.m
Location: Kelley School (Room TBA)

Tue August 28th: Event: Bubble Tea
Time: 7p.m
Location: Chow Bar

Wed August 29th: Event: Bowling & Billiard night
Time: 8:00p.m
Location: IMU

Thur August 30th: Event: Game Night
Time: 8p.m
Location: TBA

Fri August 31st: Event: Sushi Night
Time: 7p.m
Location: Sushi Bar

If there is new arragement, we will update it in time. Thank you for your cooperation!