New Website Updated!

AUG 30, 2012

After effort in two weeks, our new website is just released! Our website stars with a brand new design combined with sybolic colors of KGD: blue and yellow. The whole design is concise, distinctive and orientational.

For the content of our new website, the new website keeps the most of the content from our old version, and, of course, it adds some more information. We now have sections of "About KGD," "Join," "Sisiters," "Activites," "Philanthropy," and "Contact & Links."

"About KGD": this section contains the basic information about KGD, such as its history, mission, pricinples and etc. It will provide a thorough introduction about KGD.

"Join": this section demonstrates the specialities of KGD as one of the best Asian - American Interested Sororities in IUB, and also provides the details about the membership of KGD.

"Sisiters": it includes our previous and current executive board, active members and alumnae.

"Activities": this section includes our news, activties anouncement, photo gallery and archives. All of it will represents our solid sisterhood through multicutlture experiences and various community services.

"Philanthropy": this section offers a brief introduction about the philanthropic efforts contributed by KGD through local community services.

"Contact & Links": it lists the method of contact and links of students group and organizations friendly closed to KGD.

Excited with our new website? Don't be hesitated, girls, go and explore it, and then make your own decision!

This website is just launched, and some minor errors are unavoidable, so feel free to point out for us. Thank you for your help and understanding!