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Film Archive

The Kinsey Institute film archive includes:
  • Historical Stag collection, 1913-1960s
    1697 historical 8mm and 16mm black and white stag films including some rare early examples of the typical stag film.
  • Educational Films, 1970s-80s
    342 Sex education and other high school age guidance films made by production companies such as Churchill Films, Alfred Higgins Production and Perennial Education.
  • Animal Sex Behavior collection by the Kinsey Institute
    91 films made during the 1940s and 50s filmed by Kinsey Institute photographer William Dellenback on various trips made to document animals mating.
  • Swedish Erotica collection, 1960s-70s
    1700 8mm and super 8 short commercially produced films for the home collector; from such distributors as Swedish Erotica, Danish Films International, Burning Films, Diamond Collection and more.
  • 35mm film collection
    323 art, exploitation, and pornographic feature films
  • Archival footage of Alfred Kinsey. (video clip)


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Film Access Policies

In addition to the Kinsey Institute's general collections use policy, please note the following additional policies that apply to the film archive.

The film archive is available for qualified researchers for on-site viewing only. A two-week notice is required for viewing appointments.

In most cases, original prints are not available for viewing. Video access copies are available for many of these titles. For those currently not available on video, patrons may pay for a film to video transfer when copyright restrictions do not apply. The resulting access video copy can be viewed on site and remains the property of the Kinsey Institute.

Films are not loaned out for public or private viewings. In addition, the Kinsey Institute film archive is not a stock footage library and does not provide reproductions of film footage with the exception of some archival footage of Dr. Kinsey and other Institute for Sex Research/Kinsey Institute staff, which is available for special projects.

Use of the film archive is by appointment only. For information or access please contact User Services at

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