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July 8, 1921- July 7, 2006

The Kinsey Institute Director Dr. Julia Heiman expressed her condolences on the death of sex researcher, Dr. John Money. Dr. Money died on Friday, July 7, one day before his 85th birthday.

“Dr. Money's work will be followed and reinterpreted with vigor and interest over the next decades as it was throughout his remarkable academic career.   We honor his lifelong contribution to the field of sex research, and his commitment to providing an archive for future researchers and scholars.  He was a man of great depth and courage. Our condolences go to Dr. Money’s families and friends in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and beyond. He will be missed but his work and legacy will live on through the Kinsey Institute and researchers in the field.”     

John Money was internationally known for his work in psychoendocrinology and the new and expanding science of developmental sexology.  Born on July 8, 1921 in Morrinsville, New Zealand, Money emigrated to the U.S. for graduate education.
He was a psychology resident under Saul Rosenzweig at the Psychiatric Institute of the University of Pittsburgh. He then moved to the Psychological Clinic in the Department of Social Relations at Harvard University and received his PhD in 1952. He also received honorary doctoral degrees from the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (1988) and from Hofsetra University (1992). In 1951, Dr. Money became the worlds’ first pediatric clinical psychoendocrinologist at the invitation of the Lawson Wilkins, who was himself the world’s first pediatric endocrinologist, at Johns Hopkins University. 

The John Money Sexology Scholars Library Fund 

Established in 2002 by John Money, this fund is for the preservation and maintenance of archival collections at The Kinsey Institute, to ensure use by future scholars.

Contributions honoring Dr. Money are welcome.

In 1966, Dr. Money founded the Gender Identity Clinic and an extensive research program for the psychohormonal treatment of sex offending and other paraphilias. John Money formulated, defined and coined the term "gender role," and later expanded it to gender-identity/role (G-I/R) in 1955. He had a worldwide reputation as an expert in gender science, research, and clinical care, ranging from neonatal sex assignment in cases of birth defect and ambiguity of the sex organs to adult sex reassignment in transsexualism. His expertise covers the theory of homosexuality, bisexuality, and heterosexuality. In 1961, he proposed the hypothesis that androgen is the libido hormone for both sexes. 

Extending his research from the clinic to clinical history, Dr. Money wrote about the 18th century origins and present consequences of antisexualism in The Destroying Angel: Sex, Fitness, and Food in the Legacy of Degeneracy Theory, Graham Crackers, Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, and American Health History (1985). Venuses Penuses: Sexology, Sexosophy, and Exigency Theory (1986) is an anthology of his theoretically significant writings. His publications also cover the philosophy and methodology of science in the practice of clinical psychoendocrinology and sexology, including Unspeakable Monsters in All Our Lives: The Complete Interviewer and Clinical Biographer, Exigency Theory and Sexology, and many other monographs. 

The Kinsey Institute houses John Money’s lifelong work, including Dr. Money's lectures, media interviews and documentaries, as well as books, manuscripts, articles and other writings. The catalog is searchable through The Kinsey Institute website: 

Dr. Heiman noted that, in 2002, Dr. Money established the John Money Sexology Scholars Library Fund for the preservation of archives and collections from the sexological community. 

"We are pleased that Dr. Money entrusted the Kinsey Institute with his life-long collections and that he established an endowment fund, the John Money Sexology Scholar Library Fund, to ensure that sex research collections will be preserved and accessible by future sexology scholars."

Contributions honoring Dr. Money are welcome. Contact Liana Zhou,, 812-855-7686.

NPR John Money Obituary, July 11, 2006

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