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New show in the KI Gallery features photographic works by Herb Ascherman Jr.
Hermes by Herbert Ascherman Jr.
A new show in the KI Gallery features the work of artist Herbert Ascherman Jr., spanning 40 years of his work exploring human sexuality in photography.

Fall 2008

Call for Proposals - Kinsey Institute Student Research Grants

Graduate student grants available for interdisciplinary sex research. Deadline is October 1, 2009.

Cross-cultural Definitions of Masculinity Break Commonly Held Stereotypes

28,000 men in 8 different countries reflect strikingly common values.

Women Benefit from Sildenafil to Offset Antidepressant Side Effects

A new study showed significant gains in sexual satisfaction and suggests possibilities for future research.

Sex and Presidential Politics

Just in time for the upcoming elections, the KI Library offers a glimpse of presidential politics from adult media.

'Infinitely variable': Nude and Erotic Photographs by Herbert Ascherman Jr.

Selected from more than 400 original prints in the Institute’s permanent collection, these photographs represent Herbert Ascherman Jr ’s four decades of exploring human sexuality in all its fascinating variety. In the KI Gallery

Kinsey Confidential Available for Syndication

Do you know a student connected to a college newspaper?  Kinsey Confidential, the weekly sex information column produced by The Kinsey Institute for college students, is now available for syndication. 

Upcoming Lectures

Photographer Herb Ascherman Jr., 2008 Student Grant Awards Seminar, and Joanne Passet on "Dr. Kinsey's Librarian ".

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