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New Kinsey Collection highlights history of researchers Virginia Johnson and William Masters.
Photo by William Dellenbeck

Fall 2011

Announcing the Masters & Johnson collection

Kinsey library receives the archives of these pioneers in sex research.

Mapplethorpe Foundation Donates Photographs

30 photographs by this influential 20-century artist donated to the Kinsey Collections.

Researchers Present at Fall Conferences

Kinsey Institute scientists and graduate students share their research.

New Thought Leaders Join Kinsey Board

Industry leaders contribute their expertise.

In Memory: Don McMasters

We honor the life of art enthusiast and Kinsey donor Don McMasters.

Fall Events at The Kinsey Institute

Filmmaker Monika Treut curates Kinsey films and Len Prince show opens.

Announcing the 2012 John Money Fellowship for Scholars of Sexology

Graduate Student fellowship utilizes Kinsey Institute library and archives. Applications close December 22, 2011.

Hold the date! May 17-20, 2012, Eastern/Midcontinent Regions Meeting of SSSS at Indiana University. Hope to see you here.

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