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Fall Events At The Kinsey Institute

IU film scholar Dr. Brigitta Wagner and German filmmaker Monika Treut with IU graduate students at the Indiana University Cinema screening of Treut's films.

Monika Treut Explores the Film Archives

This fall, the Kinsey Institute film collection was the focus of a graduate seminar led by visiting scholar and acclaimed German filmmaker Monika Treut and Dr. Brigitta Wagner in Germanic Studies at Indiana University.  

Treut is known for documentary and fiction films that explore themes of gender, sexuality, feminism and human rights; Dr. Wagner is a film scholar, who brings critical theory, creative process and community into her approach to film studies.

Taking advantage of Treut's visit to Indiana University, the IU Cinema showcased a range of Treut’s films from Germany, the U.S., Brazil and Taiwan, including: My Father Is Coming, Gendernauts, Seduction: A Cruel Woman, the award-winning Warrior of Light, Virgin Machine, Jump Cut: A Travel Diary and Tigerwomen Grow Wings.

At the close of the 6 week seminar, the students and their professors curated an evening of selected films from the historical stag and sex ed film collection at the Kinsey library.

Dr. Wagner explained that these films exist on a parallel track to more mainstream cinema both within pop-culture and technological changes. She also commented that the seminar "was an opportunity to bring together students from diverse scholarly backgrounds into dialogue on the heritage of erotic films."

"I was impressed by the choices of the students, and how they researched each film to try to understand the culture of the time, the audience they were created for, and the other themes at play, such as race, gender, and ultimately, the variability of what is considered 'erotic,'" observed Liana Zhou, Director of Library and Archives at The Kinsey Institute..

Monika Treut also shared her thoughts on the film event:

"Our goal with these screenings to encourage the audience to embrace the rich heritage of The Kinsey Institute and to give some insight into diversity of the film collection as an amazing fountain of inspiration showing the range of human sexual behavior which expands our understanding of the human animal."


Len Prince Opening at the KI Gallery

Kinsey Gallery

On Friday, October 21, New York photographer Len Prince gave an artist talk, and attended the opening of the exhibition of his work at The Kinsey Institute Gallery later that evening.

Prince discussed his working relationship with the artist Jessie Mann, who originally approached him to work as his 'muse.' Mann was also a model in her youth for her mother, photographer Sally Mann.

Prince discussed the line often drawn between art and commercial photography, and told stories of losing jobs once he was labelled as a 'fine artist.'

He also explained his use of a large-format camera, and the experiences of working with human models. After all, photographing people is a not just a technical experience; it's also about the need to communicate in order to create.

Jennifer Bass, Monika Treut, Len Prince and Liana Zhou

Len Prince's exhibition catalog is available online through Blurb. You can read more about the exhibition in the last Kinsey Today newsletter. The show runs through December 21, 2011.


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