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Kinsey Institute Presents: Hormones and Women's Choices in Men - An Interview with Dr. Heather Rupp
Dr. Rupp discusses findings that show women's attraction to different kinds of men varies across their menstrual cycle in response to hormonal shifts. [mp3; 6:48 mins]

Kinsey Institute Presents: Sex Research and Public Outreach - An Interview with Dr. Debby Herbenick
Dr. Herbenick discusses the importance of pleasure as a motivating factor and important feature of our sexual activity, and why public outreach is an important facet of sex research. [mp3; 10:16 mins]

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The Kinsey Institute Presents: A Collector's Vision
A virtual tour of our summer exhibition of 18th-20th century European art, donated by one collector. A Collector's Vision is showing in the KI Gallery through September 3rd, 2010. Video produced by Victor Jideonwo. [video: 4:44 mins]

You can view a larger version of this video on our YouTube channel.

The 2010 Kinsey Institute Juried Art Show
Enjoy opening night at the 5th Annual Juried Art Show! Featuring interviews with artists & their models, and public reactions to the art on display. [mp4 video: 8:32 mins]

You can view a larger version of this video on our YouTube channel.

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Dr. Ira Reiss speaks at Rice University in 1991.

Ira Reiss: "Shaping the Next Sexual Revolution"
A lecture by Dr. Ira Reiss on September 12, 1991 in Houston, Texas. Dr. Reiss was invited to speak by the Sociology Department of Rice University and by the Planned Parenthood Chapter of Houston. The lecture is based upon the book Reiss published in 1990. The audience was several hundred people and consisted of students, faculty, health professionals and townspeople. [51:33 mins; Flash]


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