New Postdoctoral Researcher Joins KI Team

Elizabeth Webb, new postdoctoral researcher at The Kinsey Institute.

Elizabeth M. Webb is a Visiting Research Associate in the Department of Applied Health Science with affiliations with The Kinsey Institute and the Rural Center for AIDS/STD Prevention. Elizabeths research focuses on issues related to STI and HIV/AIDS prevention, especially the health disparity among African Americans. She previously worked as a doctoral research assistant on the Tailored Information Program for Safer Sex (TIPSS), a computer based intervention promoting correct and consistent condom use among heterosexually active clients of a STI clinic.

Her dissertation research focuses on examining sexual partnerships and HIV/AIDS risk among African American female STI clinic clients.

Elizabeth will be working with Dr. Stephanie Sanders and Dr. Bill Yarber on an intervention to promote condom use among young African American males.

I am very excited to be collaborating with The Kinsey Institute researchers. Working at Kinsey gives me the opportunity to add new and important perspectives to my research focusing on African Americans and HIV/AIDS prevention.

Elizabeth is a Doctoral Candidate in Communication at University of Kentucky, where is also received a Master of Arts. She holds a B.A. in Sociology and Speech Communication from Thomas More College.


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