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KI Gallery hosts an exhibit by artist Robb Stone exploring issues of relationships and sexuality in the online world of adult dating sites.

Spring 2008

Virtual Connections: Sexuality Meets the Internet

A panel discussion and an art exhibit examine the theme of sexuality and relationship in an online era.

New Research Examines Sexual Function after Stem-Cell Transplant

KI Director Dr. Julia Heiman is co-author of a new study of long-term sexual functioning of recipients of a specialized cancer treatment.

Participate in Research at The Kinsey Institute

You can help sex researchers by filling out an online survey in one of our current research projects.

New Biography of Alfred Kinsey Published in China

Kinsey Institute Librarian Liana Zhou co-authors a history of Alfred Kinsey and sex research in Chinese.

Kinsey Confidential Exhibit Virtual Tour

Join KI Curator Catherine Johnson-Roehr on a video tour of the recent Kinsey Confidential art exhibit.

SSSS in Bloomington

The Kinsey Institute serves as "local host" for 50th annual SSSS meeting.  View photos of the conference online.

Have You Checked Out Our New Kinsey Confidential Podcasts?

The new Kinsey Confidential blogsite is up and rolling with KC questions and answers, and our NPR podcasts! Visit us for expert research-based sexuality and sexual health information.

Upcoming Events

3rd Annual Juried Art Show 2008 - April 11th to July 25th

This multi-media exhibition at The Kinsey Institute gallery features pieces by an international group of contemporary artists exploring themes of sex, gender, eroticism, reproduction, sexuality, romantic relationships, and the sensual human figure.

KI Hosts March 31st Lecture by Photographer Mariette Pathy Allen

Fine art photographer Mariette Pathy Allen will talk about her four decades of work, including her photographs of individuals in the transgender community. This lecture is part of the Michael Rosen Lecture Series.

April 7th Lecture by Visiting Scholar Sven-Axel Månsson

Dr. Månsson, visiting scholar from Malmo University in Sweden, will discuss his research on men's images and fantasies of the prostitute in contemporary and historical context.

Graduate Student Grantees Research Panel

Four Indiana University graduate scholars, recipients of the 2007-2008 Friends of The Kinsey Institute.research grants, will present and discuss their projects on April 9 at The Kinsey Institute. More events>

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