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The 5th Annual Kinsey Institute Juried Art Show opens May 28th
Above: Joseph Merchlinsky; Obscurity, 2009; Silkscreen monoprint on canvas.

Spring 2010

The Photographic Legacy of Herbert Ascherman Jr

Cleveland art photographer donates his own work and vintage photographic finds toThe Kinsey Institute art collection.

A Collector's Vision

A selection of European paintings and sketches.

KI Archives Welcomes Contemporary Women Leaders in Sex Research

Recent donations to the KI Archives from four notable women sex researchers.

About the KI Board of Governors and Board of Trustees

The accomplished individuals who volunteer on the governing boards of The Kinsey Institute.

New & Upcoming Research

New studies and research topics from our Kinsey Institute researchers.

The Kinsey Institute in the News

A selection of national & international press attention to the Institute in the last quarter.

The Kinsey Institute Juried Art Show 2010

This year's show opens May 28th at the School of Fine Arts Gallery (SoFA).

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