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Man As Object: Reversing the Gaze Opens in the Gallery

Nuzzo image
Molly Marie Nuzzo, Noah 2011.

The Kinsey Institute’s newest art show, Man as Object: Reversing the Gaze, opened April 13 at The Kinsey Gallery. The show is on loan from the Women’s Caucus for Art (WCA), which is currently celebrating its 40th Anniversary.

In feminist theory, the “male gaze” refers to females as the passive subjects of art, film, and other popular media, making the audience view the content though through the eyes of a heterosexual man. The “male gaze” also reflects the asymmetry in the balance of masculine and feminine forms of power in society, as it recalls themes of voyeurism and objectification.

Man as Object plays with this concept by presenting art through a “female gaze,” presenting images of males and masculinity through the eyes of women.

Karen Gutfreund
Karen Gutfreund. Power Authority Masculine, 2010

Visitors to the gallery will also see artworks by female artists depicting men that are drawn from the permanent collection of the Institute.

Man as Object: Reversing the Gaze was organized by Karen Gutfreund, Priscilla Otani, and Brenda Oelbaum for the Women’s Caucus for Art with Tanya Augsburg, Assistant Professor, San Francisco State University, as Juror. Prior to coming to Bloomington, it was shown at the SOMArts Cultural Center in San Francisco.

Nine of the artists came to Bloomington for the opening, and participated in a panel discussion prior to the show opening, April 13.

By capturing images of traditional masculinity through a variety of lenses (funny, sexy, genderqueer, feminist, etc.), the exhibit turns classic themes of beauty on their head, and draws meaningful questions from viewers both male and female.

Patricia Izzo discusses her photograph at the artists' panel

Listen to an engaging interview with the artists on WFIU Artworks

Man as Object: Reversing the Gaze is on exhibit at the Kinsey Institute through June 29, 2012.



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