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Hail to our Graduates!

Rachel Lin Weaver, Kara Inglehart, Peter Kvam, Aliza Saraco-Polner & Princeton Stewart (not pictured: Krystal McKenzie, Caitlin Brown, Amy Tims and Shivani Ghandi)

The Kinsey Institute relies on students for a wide variety of projects and jobs, and students come to the institute as interns, hourly workers, research assistants, and volunteers.

They contribute to research - both assisting with current projects and conducting their own research (Kara, Peter, Crystal, and Princeton) , help organize and prepare art and library materials (Rachel, Caitlin, Amy and Shivani), write regular blogs posts for Kinsey Confidential (Kristen), and serve as student liason for campus events (Aliza).

We are so grateful for their unique and significant contributions to sexual health and knowledge, and to The Kinsey Institute.

Burke Denning, Jennifer Burch, Kristen Mark

A few of our graduating students have the next few years already mapped out:

Kara Ingelhart, BA, is heading to University of Chicago Law School; Peter Kvam, BA, will be at Michigan State University Department of Psychology;and Kristen Mark, Ph.D, will be Professor Mark at University of Kentucky.

Good luck to you all.


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